Monday, July 25, 2011

Topfreedom and Equality

I hope everyone can understand how literal I'm being when I say "men and women are not equal". Whoa, pushing the boundaries with that statement! Stay with me on this. Yes it's true, the genders ARE different, and there are some things that are done better by each gender.

When it comes to topfreedom, my reasons for showing support may differ than most. No, I am not in favour of suggesting that women's chests are the same as men's. I know most nudists try to push that point, but when you really think about it, they ARE different. Don't try to tell me otherwise, the visual is different. Sure some men can have big chests and some women have small chests, but the difference is obvious. Breasts are breasts.

That being said, I don't at all think that difference changes the sexuality of a women's breasts, or should I say the lack thereof. I believe they are just breasts and a bare female chest is no more or less sexual or taboo than a man's chest. I believe their purpose can be different (breastfeeding, etc.) but just like the rest of the body, there's a time and a place for everything, and it is not a sexual object until used as such...when the time is right, the setting is right, and the company is right. A bare chested woman is perfectly acceptable.

Am I losing you? The point I'm trying to make is that I don't support topfreedom because I think a woman's chest is the same as a man's; it's obviously not. I support topfreedom because the human body is not sexual just because it is bare or a part of it goes uncovered. I support topfreedom because I support body freedom for men and women, and I think the push for topfreedom is a very important part of our move towards a healthier societal concept of our bodies, and will hopefully lead to a more relaxed attitude towards the unclothed human body. I'll go along with the equality thing if it helps the cause, because when it comes down to it I am all for body freedom.

I will be out supporting the upcoming GoTopless Day ( because I will be supporting freedom for all; freedom to choose what you want to wear or what you don't want to wear, and for it all to be healthy and beautiful. Here in Canada we are so fortunate to have the freedom to be topless; men and women alike, and I will be supporting the right that so many have worked so hard for. And I hope everyone else who supports topfreedom gets out and takes advantage of such privileges if you have them, or continue to fight for the freedom. Use it or lose it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Private Parts

I have a sort of 'thought of the day' to share regarding what we think of private parts. As a nudist, I'm used to the common idea that a nude human body isn't sexual unless used as such, or more realistically until someone opens their legs. I've become used to censoring certain images that may be labelled as naturist photos, but depict women with spread legs or show a clear view of the labia because these are undeniably sexual photos...or so I thought until recently.

Look at this picture:

She's spreading her legs, her labia is exposed, thus this must not be appropriate as a naturist photo. But really, she's just practicing ballet, which is a beautiful thing in itself, but to perform nude exposes the human body for the magnificent machine that it is. Ballet shows what the human body is capable of and the flexibility and muscles required. This photo is beautiful, so what about that exposed genitalia? Well that's where I conclude that it's not vulgar at all, and I suggest we rethink our naturist views of the human body.

What about this photo:

She's spreading her legs, yet she's in nature and has a wonderful smile on her face suggesting her comfort with her body and her happiness from enjoying nature naturally. Of course that's not what the photo was taken for, but the whole point of naturism is to not let the evil of the world taint the human body and label it as unclean and strictly sexual. So why should such an amazing photo be cast off as porn because of her seating position?

And here's the photo that got me thinking in the first place:

This photo was originally plucked from what I used to label as a pornographic site masquerading as an ode to the female form. What their true intentions are may forever be a mystery, but the fact of the matter is that their photos really do portray wonderful beauty, and they shouldn't be labelled as pornographic just because genitals are clearly exposed. This photo shows a playful and happy woman on the beach enjoying herself. There's not a damn thing wrong with that.

My thought pattern is this: if naturists feel that the human body is natural and beautiful, then why are we still labelling certain parts of the body as unclean or sexual. I know that's not really what we're trying to do, it's not even what we say out loud, it's just a common idea among the naturist crowd to suggest that a clear view of a woman's genitals is sexual. I disagree and say that as true nudists and naturists we should respect, admire, and accept every body part for the natural and wonderful beauty they possess. Overweight, underweight, tall, short, round, pear, thin, etc. Everybody is beautiful no matter what we've been given, and every part of our body is wonderful and not sexual until we use it as such, regardless of how we choose to expose it.