Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nude Memories

I made an interesting realization today about how my memory stores my nude outings.

Today I was making plans for next year’s week-long naked road trip. My friends and I go every year and spend almost the entire 8 days naked. It’s amazing. The only time we get dressed is to travel to another location, and sometimes not even then.

While I was planning for next year, I recalled last year with a big smile on my face. I thought back to an entire day we had spent at Deep Creek Hot Springs. It’s an extremely popular nudist location that requires a 40 minute hike into a valley where some incredible hot springs border a pleasant river. We did not bring any clothes, and hiked the whole thing nude in addition to spending the day at the springs while nude.
As I thought back to these fond memories, I realized that these memories do not include the feeling of being nude. I recall feeling warm and comfortable but not necessarily nude. I found this very interesting because it shows how natural and comfortable a day of nudity can feel. The feeling of being nude doesn’t even make it into my memories. That’s a wonderful thing.

Furthermore, as popular as Deep Creek is with nudists, there will occasionally be a couple clothed people at some point in the day. While I know there were clothed people present the last time I was there, my memory has not held on to any feelings of shame or discomfort at being nude in the presence of clothed people. My memories of the day hold no feelings of self image at all. All I have are feelings of freedom, and the memories of all the fun we had.

I thought I’d share this because it’s so wonderful to be comfortable in your own skin, which nudism does for you. I’ve yet to see anyone get involved in naturism and not notice an improvement in their body image and self-esteem. While it can take some time to get into, it almost always helps improve our own personal level of comfort with ourselves.

I love the memories I have of being free with myself and my friends, and I can’t wait for next year’s trip because I know it’s just going to be even better.