Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The future needs to be bold

10 people were caught on February 11th on Delray Beach in Florida during Sunsport Gardens' Mid Winter Naturist Festival. The group had intended to form a human peace sign on the peace so an aerial picture could be taken, likely something similar to the photo seen here. The group was not arrested but charges were being discussed by the State Attorney's Office.

I heard about this on another naturist blog and while I normally wouldn't think twice about it, I felt inclined to voice my opinion in regards to other comments that were made about the article.

One person had commented on the article stating that the 'hip-hop iPhone generation' will not be pleased with an incident like this. The owner of the blog went on to say he/she was appalled that naturists would do something like this that would risk tarnishing the image of naturists, and expressed fear that this would create negative publicity for our cause.

Well let me just say that this type of thing is all the 'hip-hop iPhone generation' knows how to do. I seriously doubt if they will even notice this because public defiance is such a part of their culture that they likely won't be phased by something that looks so harmless. I think as a group whether they are nudists or not, the 'iPhone generation' sees little harm in public nudity and little reason for nudity laws. They were born into some of the most violent times in history which makes this kind of thing seem like small potatoes.

That being said, why are we worrying about pushing the envelope so much? If these were ten nude perverts touching kids on a beach, I can understand. But harmless defiance through public nudity can only be a positive thing for our culture. As nudists we have been pushed around too long, and thus have been forced to hide behind the privacy of our homes, or the small handful of beaches we are given to use. And there are even times when hiding in our homes isn't good enough, and nosey neighbours are calling the cops because they can see us naked through the crack in the curtain.

Our unwillingness to draw attention to ourselves is the reason we are labelled as outcasts and forced to maintain privacy. Something as harmless and natural as the human body shouldn't be seen as something more shameful than violence. It makes me sick that breasts cannot be shown on TV but disgusting violence can. It's time we pushed the envelope and fought for our cause instead of hid with our tails tucked between our legs. The only way we are going to be recognized and achieve any sort of victory is if we push the limits and draw attention to ourselves. We need to have a voice, a very loud voice that gets heard. It's time nudity ceased to be shameful and our world realized how backwards our perceptions are. A push for nudism will cure our negative body concepts, instill confidence in our youth, reduce violence, and destroy the pornography industry. Are those things we want to fight for, or should we just continue to hide and see our society continue on it's path of morale destruction? If that's the way we want it, then I guess those ten nudists should just apologize and go back into hiding.


  1. In the words of my generation, RIGHT ON!

    Yes I am an old fart. But I am inspired to hear a voice of youth willing to rage against the machine. I was once as optomistic as you I still feel a shadow of that by reading your post. Have you ever done WNBR, world naked bike ride, or the Freemont summer solstice bike ride or Bare to Breakers? I think these would be right up your alley. Thank you for giving me hope for the future of nudism.

  2. Have thought about the WNBR for a few years now but haven't yet participated. Life's too short to keep saying "one day", so perhaps this is the year I give it a shot.

  3. Google WNBR Portland they seem to have the best participation in the Northwest however Seattle does have a turn out just not nearly in the same numbers as Portland estimates range from 4-5 THOUSAND!! For the 2009 event. I am seriously thinking I need to get to one of these events pluse there is also the Freemont Summer Solstice parade another option