Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nude Yoga Is Awesome!

So I tried something new and exciting this weekend; nude yoga! I've been thinking about attending a class for some time now but I've been hesitant for a couple reasons. I'm not really good at yoga since I've only followed a few yoga podcasts in my living room and thus I have no idea if I'm even close to doing the poses correctly. Secondly there really isn't a lot of places to do instructed nude yoga in this city. There is one studio that only does nude yoga but it is male-only and intermediate to advanced yoga.

I personally feel that separating men and women in a nudist environment defeats the purpose of nudism. We are supposed to be free and comfortable with both sexes and move away from the segregation that textile society is constantly demanding. Also, I'm not ready for intermediate to advanced yoga.

So I looked and looked and finally found another guy out there who was looking for the same type of yoga class. Well that's all the encouragement we needed to do what must be done. I found a venue, he found instructors, and suddenly we have the city's only co-ed nude yoga classes every Thursday taught by both a male and female instructor. Yes a very satisfying accomplishment!

So this weekend we had our first introductory session; just the creators and a couple invited guests. Well I went in nervous but ended up loving it. It wasn't super difficult so I was able to push myself a little without going overboard, and obviously I think almost anything worth doing is better when done nude. So of course the feeling of freedom that comes from doing yoga nude is awesome. Everyone was relaxed, the instructor was awesome, and I worked up a great sweat. How gross that would have felt if I was clothed; another time when clothing makes very little sense.

I can see myself really getting into yoga because I really need to be more flexible and that is the perfect way to fix that problem. I would highly recommend doing yoga nude for anyone who already does yoga or is getting into it. It's really the only way to do it. Yoga is all about relaxation and spirituality; why create an artificial border with clothes?


  1. That's great they you were able to organize a nude class. I often do nude yoga at home but would love to participate in a nude class. I attend clothed classes regularly and my clothes are always soaked with sweat (both hot yoga and regular classes). I think of how much better it would be in the nude, not only to let the sweat evaporate naturally but to not have to adjust wet, clinging clothing.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Excellent initiative Ryan. I am impressed that instead of giving up when you hit a road block you organized and got the result you wanted. Enjoy even revel a bit in your victory. I am signed up to take a yoga class next month but alas it isn't nude. I should take your example and get it done myself but I must admit to a certain amount of laziness.

  3. Make it happen guys! Nude yoga is fantastic, and someone has to take the first step to make it a reality if there aren't already classes in your area. I was surprised to find that there are others like me looking for the same thing; the class is already gaining a lot of popularity!